Quad Bike Toolkit

Many of us 4WDers are Also Keen Quad Bike Riders We came across this article and believe it is definitely worth a read. https://knowinjury.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Know-Injury-Quad-Bike-Toolkit.pdf?fbclid=IwAR2UHLZoo93VpoK1v9rwUaQtj7x06B11hKwSWwObw8pgFmrSEAaaaqugm2k Please keep safe out there everyone. For more 4WD tips, reviews and articles from Eureka 4WD visit our blog page Feeling adventurous? Then join us on a Eureka 4WD Training Course [Read more …]

Quad Bike and Side by Side Training WA

Quad Bike and Side by Side Training & Courses Eureka 4WD Training the 1st and currently the only provider of new Quad Bike and Side by Side units in WA: AHCMOM217 – Operate Quad Bikes AHCMOM216 – Operate Side by Side Utility Vehicles Due to the closely related requirements of both units and our mapping [Read more …]

4WD Track Etiquette

A simple rule that thankfully the majority of responsible off-roaders adhere to without a second thought. It takes nothing to be thoughtful of others off road but for some, unfortunately, it is either a case of ignorance that can be tolerated or complete disregard to anyone but themselves which cannot be tolerated. Eureka 4WD Training [Read more …]

4WD Tips and Advice – from Eureka 4WD Training

4WD Tips and Advice We have put together some 4WD tips and advice as part of our “Tip Tuesday” series Each Tuesday we will be adding some tips to this list as well as on our social media platforms so make sure to subscribe to our newsletter and follow us online Isolation Tips: Tip #4 [Read more …]

A Complete Guide to Heavy Towing by Auto Expert – John Cadogan

Heavy Towing Guide We found this awesome complete guide to heavy towing with a 4WD For more 4WD tips, reviews and articles from Eureka 4WD visit our blog page Feeling adventurous? Then join us on a Eureka 4WD Training Course – we have courses to suit all levels of 4WD skill and experience. Looking for [Read more …]

Goodbye To The V8

LandCruiser 300 Series – V6 Diesel Next-generation LandCruiser 300 Series expected to have V6 diesel and V6 petrol power – and eventually a hybrid – but no V8. By Joshua Dowling and Paul Maric The iconic Toyota LandCruiser V8 is nearing the end of the road, with well-placed sources claiming the next-generation 300 Series will [Read more …]

Driving Through Mud – Don’t Do it, End of Blog!

Muddy Tracks Encountering In all seriousness encountering muddy tracks is something we as 4wders all eventually have to encounter and yes being honest I actually used to go out of my way to find the sceptic ooze and as fun, as it can be it starts becoming not so fun after it starts emptying your [Read more …]

Phytophthora Dieback

As we are entering the rainy season in Perth and the South West it is very important as responsible off-roaders that we do our best to help stop further spread of dieback. What is Phytophthora Dieback? Phytophthora dieback is caused by the plant pathogen, Phytophthora cinnamomi, which kills susceptible plants, such as banksias, jarrah and grass [Read more …]

Lets Talk Tyre Pressures!

A very important aspect of being a competent off-road driver is operating with the right tyre pressures to suit your vehicle and terrain, for many off-roaders even some seasoned tyre pressure reduction only comes into consideration when soft sand is being driven over which is far from the truth.   In any off-road situations, the [Read more …]

2019 Perth Caravan & Camping show

Claremont Caravan & Camping Show This year’s Caravan & Camping show was held between the 20th and 24th of March at the Claremont showground and it was bigger than ever! The Demonstration & Presentation of Eureka 4WD Eureka 4WD ran demonstrations throughout the show focusing on safe recovery techniques. During the show, we had the [Read more …]