Wheel Hubs – Can You Just Leave Them In Lock? You Might Be Surprised

Free Wheeling Hub Assembly – Lock Position For those that drive 4WD’s with the conventional Free Wheeling Hub assembly, you may have heard that the 4WD cannot be driven back on a sealed road with them in the Lock position? This is a myth and the only harm done is to your wallet or purse [Read more …]

ESP – You Have Heard Of It, But Do You Know How To Use It

Electronic Stability Program (ESP) Short for Electronic Stability Program, it is a feature found in most modern 4WD vehicles and contrary to popular belief has been around for a very long time. The diagram in this picture is a very common image for ESP but there are many different 3 letter acronyms for this safety [Read more …]

Have 4WD Fun In The Water, Without The Damage

4WD Vehicles Water Crossings We all like to have a play sometimes and water crossings with our 4WD vehicles can present a huge amount of fun for you and your family, yet much respect has to be paid to our 4WD’s when entering the wet stuff. NEVER enter the water at high speed as the [Read more …]

97% Of Road Accidents Caused By Driver Error – How To Avoid Being A Statistic

After accidents, many drivers blame the roads, weather, sometimes even fate. Yet evidence often paints another picture. You can be the safest driver on the road and still be involved in road accidents from others who are less attentive. So how do you avoid becoming a statistic and keep you and your family safe on [Read more …]