Introducing Our Premium 4WD Course

Eureka 4WD Training is proud to announce our new tailor made 1 day commercial course. We have combined the 3 most relevant units of competencies required by most mining and infrastructure organisations. This package ensures a great saving of time and money.

Premium 4WD Course

Our Premium 4WD course encompasses a vast range of on and off-road driving techniques, safe vehicle recovery and defensive driving, including correct operation of ABS, Traction Control and Electronic Stability Control features found in all modern 4WD vehicles. This one-day course, including e-Learning, will deliver three units of competency which are required by the majority of Mining, Oil and Gas, Infrastructure and Construction industries.

Students will be instructed on the correct methods of pre-departure checks and journey management planning, learn safe driving techniques, convoy procedures and using the road safely with others, including heavy vehicles and road trains.

Off-road skills will encompass gravel road safety and braking techniques, steep rutted terrain, coping with water obstacles and correct operation of all 4WD features, including both mechanical and electronic traction aiding devices which are commonplace in modern 4WD vehicles. Students are taught how to drive off-road safely and responsibly whilst minimising environmental damage and correct use of tyre pressures.

Students will learn how to safely perform vehicle recovery using a single snatch strap and methods of joining straps together. Correct recovery points are identified, and care and maintenance of recovery equipment explained.

Participants who complete this course will gain the following three qualifications:

RIIVEH305E – Operate and Maintain a 4WD Vehicle

RIIVEH201D – Operate a Light Vehicle

TLIC1051 – Operate a Commercial Vehicle

For bookings or more information regarding this Premium 4WD Course please contact Eureka 4WD Training on –
(08) 9461 2300

3 4WD's travelling on a sand course.