Young Driver Awareness

website-youth-courseAs Manager of Eureka, I see or hear about far too many 4WDrivers involved in accidents or near-misses. Many could have been avoided had the driver been properly educated and shown the correct techniques for controlling a vehicle off-road or performing a safe recovery in challenging terrain.

4WDrive Young & Less Experienced Drivers

This lack of knowledge and the appropriate skill set to safely operate a 4WDrive is further compounded in younger less experienced drivers. During one of our recent regular trainers’ meetings, there was a passionate discussion about how we, as professional educators in the industry, could proactively make a difference. What could Eureka do to protect and educate young drivers new to 4 wheels driving to ensure their ongoing safety and make all tracks and roads a safer place for every driver young or old? The decision was made; Eureka would provide its facilities and highly experienced driving instructors to run a series of 4 Wheel Drive Training Courses specifically for 17 to 19 year-olds to learn the key differences between normal road vehicles and 4 wheel drives.

Recreational ”Introductory Course”

The course is based around our Recreational ”Introductory Course” but focuses on young drivers that have just passed their road license and who may own or be required to drive a 4WDrive vehicle. The day will start at our training centre in Bellevue with a presentation about the basics of 4WD systems with plenty of practical tips from seating posture and dealing with wildlife whilst driving; to gravel road safety and how to cross water safely. The theory session will be followed by a practical hands-on driving event in a controlled environment incorporating a series of driving exercises including driving on sand, the importance of tyre pressure reductions and how to self-recover a bogged 4WDrive. It will include the proper technique and method for the safe use and correct attachment of a recovery strap when needing to retrieve a bogged vehicle.

The Best Part is That It’s FREE!!!

With the first course being held on Saturday the 21st of May. Courses will strictly be offered on a first-come-first-served basis. To make sure that each student gets the most from the day, vehicles will be limited to 8.

If you have a young driver in your family that you’d like to help keep safe; please give Rina or Paula a call in the office on 9497 5655 to find out more and book a place. Or if you’d like to speak to me (Mark) personally, please give me a call on 0417 935 623.

 February 2018 Sat 3rd “FREE”
 April 2018  Sun 15th “FREE”