Commercial Vehicle Medicals

If you’re a driver of commercial vehicles such as trucks, buses, taxis, or vehicles carrying dangerous goods, it’s important to meet certain medical standards to ensure the safety of yourself and the public. At our clinic, we offer Commercial Vehicle Medicals to help you meet these standards and stay certified as ‘fit to drive’.

Driving professionally requires excellent visual acuity, quick instincts, good judgement, and the ability to respond rapidly to any situation. As such, the physical capability of drivers is of utmost importance. Our medical assessments are specifically tailored to meet the requirements set out in the Assessing Fitness to Drive 2016 standards for commercial vehicle drivers, published by Austroads and the National Transport Commission.

To comply with legislation, medical assessments must be carried out every three years for commercial drivers below the age of 50, and annually for those drivers 50 and over. Our experienced medical professionals will conduct a range of tests to ensure that you meet these standards and are fit to drive.

Book your Commercial Vehicle Medical with Eureka and ensure that you’re certified as ‘fit to drive’. Your safety and the safety of the public are our top priority.

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