The Eureka 4WD Training e-Learning package is designed to cover a range of vehicle information, various techniques and environmental and heritage regulations. The e-Learning course coupled with your one-day practical course will cover all of the mandatory competency units and gain the skills required to safely and responsibly operate the required vehicle for the relevant course.

When you click on the link below you will be taken to the Eureka e-Learning login page.

You Will Need to Enter Your:

  • Drivers Licence Number

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Preferred Password (Follow the On-Screen Prompts Until You Create a ‘Good’ Password)

Once you submit your registration details, you will automatically be redirected to the start of the online course.

You need to click through all 5 learning modules and then complete the assessment module.

You are Required to Complete all of the Modules Before You Can Proceed to the Assessment Quiz

Should you not get a 100% on the Assessment Quiz you will need to select the re-try button which will take you to the questions you got incorrect.

Please note: The e-Learning component is a mandatory pre-requisite prior to attending your practical course. We CANNOT issue a statement of attainment unless the e-Learning module is completed 100% even if you successfully complete your practical component of the course.

Once the Assessment is completed and you have received 100%, an email will automatically be sent to the Eureka 4WD Training coordinator with your details.

To log in and start the Eureka 4WD Training e-Learning Click Here

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You can exit at any time and resume when you next log back in.

We cannot offer I.T support but if however there is a technical fault with the e-Learning module please contact us on (08) 9461 2300 or emailadmin@eureka4wd.com.au