Quad Bike (ATV) & Side-by-Side (UTV) Vehicle Training

All of our student ATV’s have approved occupant crush protection bars fitted to suit current industry standards

  • AHCMOM217 – Operate Quad Bikes

  • AHCMOM216 – Operate Side-By-Side Utility Vehicles

Eureka 4WD Training have designed these courses to give participants an introduction to Quad Bike and Side by Side utility vehicles and their unique handling characteristics. As these vehicles can be potentially hazardous if used incorrectly, we have a strong focus on the safe handling techniques of these vehicles.

These vehicles due to their versatility and other factors have become a big part of various work environments such as farming, exploration, construction and mining industries. They also play a big part in the recreational sector.

Our aim is to provide participants the skills to safely and responsibly operate these vehicles within their work environment. Apart from the practical application of handling techniques we also focus on pre-operational checks, loading and unloading of the vehicles and transportation safety and the various legal implications that may arise.

Both the AHCMOM217 – operate quad bikes and the AHCMOM216 – operate side by side utility vehicle are 1-day practical courses (Prior online E-Learning module required) and can be facilitated in either soft sand or rugged bush environments to suit various client applications. We have a modern fleet of Yamaha, Can-Am, Polaris and CFMOTO vehicles for the student to use or if preferred we can accommodate any suitable client vehicle.

We Also Train and Assess On-Site

Learn about:

  • Legal requirements and current legislation
  • Vehicle controls and correct engagement
  • Suitable PPE, including the need for helmets and eye protection, etc.
  • Pre-operation checks
  • Starting, operation, cornering, braking, parking
  • Active riding techniques
  • Safe vehicle operation – terrain, speeds, reading the environment
  • Operating with various attachments
  • Loading and transportation of the vehicles on a suitable trailer
  • Impact of fatigue, alcohol, and other drugs

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