Re-Introducing Eureka 4WD Training!

We would like the opportunity to thank you for your continued support of our company, Eureka 4WD Training. Which has been a dedicated training organisation for the past 26 years. In line with the increasing demand for commercial and mining services, we are experiencing a greater demand for quality 4WD training. To facilitate this growing demand, we have purpose-built a new training facility which offers a comfortable and professional learning environment and added new vehicles to our fleet.

We are Now Located at 19 Stanhope Gardens, Midvale, WA

We have also engaged new trainers with vast experience in the 4WD training and automotive industry, their experience allows us to add greater value to the highly qualified trainers who have been servicing your needs for the past 26 years.

We have recently updated our (Group 2) course to include TLIF2010 Apply fatigue management strategies, due to increased client concerns.

Courses Offered DOWNLOAD!

You can download our schedule of Nationally recognised courses offered here. If however, you have specific requirements we can customise courses to suit. For more details please check our website contact us at or call 9461 2300.

As we train every day Monday to Friday it allows our clients easy flexibility and prompt training. Whilst we offer expert guidance as to which course best suits your needs, we would also like to invite any suggestions your company may need for training services into the future, as we are expanding our scope of works.

Please Feel Free to Come in for a Visit at Any Time

We look forward to a continued strong relationship together and success for all concerned

Frank Delanotte

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