Learn to 4WD Safely and Responsibly in Your Own Vehicle – Bring Your Family and Friends

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Recreational Training ($275 Per Vehicle)

Our family friendly Recreational 4WD courses are the perfect way to safely and responsibly learn all the skills required to get the most out of your 4WD vehicle off-road. Our Recreational 4WD courses are designed for off-road so the day is spent off-road! There is no classroom or simulated terrain, we take you off-road where we go off-road.  We have courses to suit everyone:

  • Beginners who have never ventured off-road
  • New 4WD Vehicle owners or upgrading your 4WD vehicle
  • Experienced drivers looking for a refresher
  • People who just want a fun day of 4WD under expert supervision
  • Those looking for new tips and tricks
  • Anyone in between (They really are for everyone…)

Eureka 4WD Training’s recreational 4WD courses are charged per vehicle so everyone can have a go behind the wheel. Our highly experienced and dedicated instructors are seasoned 4WD professionals, who keep up to date with all the modern features found in the latest 4WD vehicles, so we will be able to show you how to get the most out of your vehicle. We can provide free of charge if required use of UHF radios, tyre deflation tools, tyre compressors and all recovery equipment that may be required on the course.

*Sorry no pets or alcohol allowed.

Depending on the terrain type, you will learn:

  • How and when to engage 4WD
  • High & Low Range 4WD
  • Automatic & Manual Techniques
  • Rutted Tracks
  • Water Crossings (Seasonal)
  • Mud Tracks (Seasonal)
  • 4WD Recovery Techniques
  • Steep Rocky Tracks
  • Wheel Placement & Spotting
  • 4WD features including;
  • Axle Differential Locks
  • Terrain response management
  • Traction Control
  • Electronic Stability Control
  • Hill Descent & Crawl Control
  • Tyre Pressures and equipment selection
  • Rugged sand tracks and soft sand driving
  • Beach Driving
  • Sand Dunes

Want to be Able to Comfortably Handle a 4WD in All Conditions? These courses are just what you need!


Introductory 4WD Course:

Our Introductory 4WD course is designed for any 4WD vehicle with Low Range and selected ‘Soft Roader vehicles (Please enquire for vehicle suitability). It is the perfect starting point for newcomers to the 4WD scene. Gain the basics of soft dirt tracks and rugged bush tracks. You will spend a fun-filled day out off-road with our friendly, professional trainers learning how to safely and responsibly negotiate soft sand tracks and rutted terrain, and how  to correctly use all those buttons, dials and features your vehicle fitted with. We will guide you through the correct use of tyre pressures and equipment selection and safe vehicle recovery techniques.

We supply everything you may need on the day so bring the family and friends along as well as food and drinks and we will look after the rest.

  • Trainer will explain individual vehicle features
  • Working with tyre pressures
  • Equipment selection
  • Traction aiding devices
  • Soft dirt and sand tracks
  • Wheel placement and spotting
  • Correct gear selection
  • Automatic and Manual driving techniques
  • Vehicle Recovery techniques


Bush Terrain:

This Bush terrain 4WD course is suitable for 4WD vehicles with suitable ground clearance and Low Range 4WD, and is designed for those wanting to drive gravel roads, steep terrain, rough rutted bush tracks, water crossings and mud tracks (Seasonal).

You will understand correct wheel placement techniques, how to safely drive steep terrain and navigating various types of rough terrain including the correct use of any traction aiding devices fitted to your vehicle. You will learn how to read terrain and how to safely navigate deep washouts using spotters and traction features you may have fitted to your vehicle. Understand when and how to use high and low range gears, and downhill assist features where fitted.

  • Trainer will explain individual vehicle features
  • Working with tyre pressures
  • Gravel road driving
  • Steep rutted tracks
  • Traction aiding devices (Where fitted)
  • Automatic and Manual driving techniques
  • Mud and Water (Seasonal)
  • High & Low Range Driving
  • Safe vehicle recovery methods


Sand Terrain:

This fun filled day out will have you driving on coastal beaches and sand dunes and is suitable for all 4WD vehicles and selected ‘Soft Roaders (Please enquire for vehicle suitability). You will be taught how to read and safely drive soft sections of beaches, exit and entry points and techniques. How to safely recover a stuck 4WD with a snatch strap and the correct use of recovery tracks. You will learn how to safely drive steep sand dunes with ease and know how to use all the features your vehicle is equipped with throughout this fun filled family day out.

  • Trainer will explain individual vehicle features
  • Working with tyre pressures
  • Equipment selection
  • Beach driving
  • Sand dunes
  • Traction aiding devices (Where fitted)
  • Communication techniques
  • Convoy procedures
  • Snatch strap recovery
  • Self-recovery techniques
  • High and Low range driving
  • Automatic & Manual techniques