Looking For A Fishing Spot To Load Up Your Christmas Lunch Stocking?

Swan river in Perth, Australia as the fishing spots in Perth.

With the demersal ban in effect until 15th December, many boat fisho’s have turned their attention to inshore species like whiting and squid and potting or diving for crayfish.  Since the Crayfish season has been changed to be open all year many people I speak to have been fishing regularly for these tasty critters.  With the run of the white crays due any day now more people will be having early mornings on the water checking pots before work.

Swan River Fishing Spot

In the Swan River as a small boat user, I am always excited for summer blue manna crabs showing up in numbers and good sizes.  You have a chance in the weeks leading up to Christmas to get a good feed from the shore wading or using pots from jetties and also from boats. My favourite is always potting the deeper water sections of the river up to 22mts.  This means long ropes on the pots, but the effort is always worth the reward seeing a big blue crab in the pot and gauging the crab for minimum size smiling, knowing it is way over the minimum legal limit of 127mm.

Have a good time on and around the water and stay safe!

Bryan Mitchell

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