Wildlife On Our Roads

Yellow road signage concerning about wildlife animals on Australian roads.

Wildlife Animals Accidents Each year, thousands of collisions between animals and motor vehicles occur on Australian roads. The majority of the animals hit are kangaroos and wallabies. Native animals aren’t the only victims of road accidents; farmyard animals including horses, cattle, sheep and goats can pose serious risks to drivers. Major highways and roads in […]

December Headlines

A Eureka 4WD parked on a sand terrain with a header saying "December Headlines".

2019 Nissan Navara N-Trek Warrior Review More than just a sticker pack, the locally-modified N-Trek Warrior focuses on suspension tweaks and new wheels to beef up the Navara’s off-road ability. read more – https://mr4x4.com.au/2019-nissan-navara-n-trek-warrior-review/?utm_source=ActiveCampaign&utm_medium=email&utm_content=All-new+Nissan+Navara+N-Trek+Warrior+Tested+%2B+How+to+tow+a+camper+trailer+on+sand&utm_campaign=PC+Newsletter+%23291 Get Up To Speed With Towing https://view.publitas.com/arb-4×4-accessories-1/4×4-culture-issue-56/page/8-9 Takata Airbag Recall Just Got Much Bigger and More Dangerous The Takata airbag recall […]

January Headlines

A Eureka 4WD parked on a sand terrain with a header saying "January Headlines".

May this year bring new happiness, new goals, new achievements and a lot of new inspirations in your life. Wishing you a year fully loaded with happiness. Happy New Year! Australian Government Ends Production of Paper Maps GEOSCIENCE Australia (GA), our Federal Government mapping agency, has decided to end production and sale of the paper […]

Gravel Road Safety

4WD's travelling on a sand track.

Unfortunately, many people we encounter off-road don’t pay enough attention to the dangers of driving on gravel roads. It has always been a strong recommendation from us at Eureka 4WD Training that once driving on unsealed roads to engage H4 in a part-time 4WD or engage the centre differential lock of a Full-Time 4WD, for […]

October Headlines

A Eureka 4WD parked on a sand terrain with a header saying "October Headlines".

Some of the 4WD and automotive news stories during October Next-Generation Flagship Off-Roader Will Remain Capable Whether it Gets V6 or Even Hybrid Power, Says Toyota The all-new 300 Series Toyota LandCruiser will be just as capable as the 200 Series it replaces in 2021 – whether it’s powered by V6 petrol, diesel or even hybrid powertrains, […]

Let's Talk Tyres

4WD Tyres Differentiation We are talking tyres and more specifically 4WD tyres! So what’s the difference between All-Terrain tyres, Highway Terrain tyres and Mud tyres? How does each of these affect your driving and the performance of your vehicle? Let’s dive right in – (A/T) All Terrain 60% On-Road driving & 40% Off-Road driving (H/T) […]

2019 Mundaring Powerlines Cleanup

Parks & Wildlife (DBCA), WA4WDA & Track Care WA Parks & Wildlife (DBCA) in association with WA4WDA & Track Care WA present the 2019 Mundaring Powerlines Cleanup. Date & Time Saturday 7th September 2019 Arrival Time 08:30am – 08:45 am Welcome/Safety Briefing 09:00 am Meeting Location Corner Flynn and Nganguring Roads (Powerlines Track), The Lakes, […]

33 Epic 4WD Tracks in WA

We came across this detailed article about some of the best 4WD tracks in W.A Western Australia’s Amazing 4WD Tracks Western Australia is incredible. There’s some of the best beaches, 4WD tracks and scenery in the country and for this reason thousands of people are out there every day exploring our great state. If you […]

4WD Track Etiquette

A team of 4WD vehicles/trucks travelling as a convoy in an off-road track.

A simple rule that thankfully the majority of responsible off-roaders adhere to without a second thought. It takes nothing to be thoughtful of others off road but for some, unfortunately, it is either a case of ignorance that can be tolerated or complete disregard to anyone but themselves which cannot be tolerated. Eureka 4WD Training […]

4WD Tips and Advice – from Eureka 4WD Training

Eureka 4wd parked on a sand terrain as the featured image of "4wd tips and advice"

4WD Tips and Advice We have put together some 4WD tips and advice as part of our “Tip Tuesday” series Each Tuesday we will be adding some tips to this list as well as on our social media platforms so make sure to subscribe to our newsletter and follow us online Isolation Tips: Tip #4 […]

A Complete Guide to Heavy Towing by Auto Expert – John Cadogan

Auto expert namely "John Cadogan", teaching the Heavy Towing complete guide.

Heavy Towing Guide We found this awesome complete guide to heavy towing with a 4WD For more 4WD tips, reviews and articles from Eureka 4WD visit our blog page Feeling adventurous? Then join us on a Eureka 4WD Training Course – we have courses to suit all levels of 4WD skill and experience. Looking for […]

Goodbye To The V8

LandCruiser 300 Series – V6 Diesel Next-generation LandCruiser 300 Series expected to have V6 diesel and V6 petrol power – and eventually a hybrid – but no V8. By Joshua Dowling and Paul Maric The iconic Toyota LandCruiser V8 is nearing the end of the road, with well-placed sources claiming the next-generation 300 Series will […]

Driving Through Mud – Don't Do it, End of Blog!

Toyota 4WD truck travelling on a muddy track.

Muddy Tracks Encountering In all seriousness encountering muddy tracks is something we as 4wders all eventually have to encounter and yes being honest I actually used to go out of my way to find the sceptic ooze and as fun, as it can be it starts becoming not so fun after it starts emptying your […]

Phytophthora Dieback

As we are entering the rainy season in Perth and the South West it is very important as responsible off-roaders that we do our best to help stop further spread of dieback. What is Phytophthora Dieback? Phytophthora dieback is caused by the plant pathogen, Phytophthora cinnamomi, which kills susceptible plants, such as banksias, jarrah and grass […]

Lets Talk Tyre Pressures!

Group of 4wders talking about 4wd right tyre pressures.

A very important aspect of being a competent off-road driver is operating with the right tyre pressures to suit your vehicle and terrain, for many off-roaders even some seasoned tyre pressure reduction only comes into consideration when soft sand is being driven over which is far from the truth.   In any off-road situations, the […]

2019 Perth Caravan & Camping show

Claremont Caravan & Camping Show This year’s Caravan & Camping show was held between the 20th and 24th of March at the Claremont showground and it was bigger than ever! The Demonstration & Presentation of Eureka 4WD Eureka 4WD ran demonstrations throughout the show focusing on safe recovery techniques. During the show, we had the […]

Eureka 4WD On LinkedIn

Header and profile information of Eureka 4WD Training at LinkedIn.

Did You Know Eureka 4WD is on LinkedIn! Head over to our profile to stay up to date with the commercial side of 4WDing ass well as news and information on the mining industry Visit our LinkedIn For more 4WD tips, reviews and articles from Eureka 4WD visit our blog page 4WD Training Course & […]

Eureka Group 1

Our most in-demand training course, this course allows the student to be site ready for the majority of sites across Australia. The training comprises the three following units and is a one-day training session.  Please note that the student completes most of the Eureka Group 1 theory part of the course via the Eureka e-Learning […]

Nationally Recognised Side by Side Training

3 Men on a quad bike or side-by-side vehicle at a sand track.

Side-by-Side Training Provider WA Visit our latest post on the updated units Students completing these commercial courses obtain a nationally recognised statement of attainment which carries no expiry date from ourselves. These courses are run in a safe and controlled environment using our quality equipment with everything needed on the day supplied by us. Our […]

Looking For The Best 2019 Dual-Cab 4WD Ute: Off-Road

"Orange-brown 4WD on an off road track as the header of "best 2019 dual-cab 4wd ute "" blog."

Source: motoring.com.au Whether it’s getting about a worksite, maintaining remote mining or energy infrastructure, heading bush for the weekend or taking the family on an extended outback holiday, off-road ability is high on the priority list for many four-wheel drive dual-cab 4WD ute customers. By definition, if you’re buying a four-wheel-drive double-cab you’ve bought into […]

ANCAP Safety Ratings Explained

ANCAP safety ratings are published for a range of new passenger, sports utility (SUV) and light commercial vehicles (LCV) entering the Australian and New Zealand markets, using a rating system of 0 to 5 stars. Rating System of ANCAP Our vision is: Safe vehicles for all. Our star ratings indicate the level of safety a […]

ADVICE: More Truth about 3500kg towing

2 men setting up the 2 vehicles for towing.

Source: Carsales Proper Ute Towing If you think your ute can tow 3500kg, think again. Most can’t realistically tow anything like the manufacturers’ bold claims. We’ve all seen the advertisements depicting a vehicle charging up a hill towing a massive boat or caravan, with superimposed graphics boldly assert a tough 3500kg towing capacity. The fact […]

Introducing Eureka Truck Training

Truck Driver Training Services Offers Hi everyone, due to our valued clients feedback requiring truck training we here at Eureka 4WD had decided to purchase 5 trucks. We can now offer  Truck Driver Training in either HR, HC, MC or F heavy vehicles. We offer intensive 1-day courses in all heavy vehicle classes. You will […]

Wilbinga Conservation Park Adoption Effort

White coloured 4WD parked on a beach and as the header of "wilbinga conservation park" blog.

Wilbinga Shacks 4wd Crew (WS4X4C) Team After the northern conservation boundary, fencing and gates damaged over the Australia Day long weekend members of the Wilbinga Shacks 4wd Crew (WS4X4C) teamed up with the farmers to work on a strategy out to try to keep around 300 head of cattle out of the Wilbinga Conservation Park […]

Littering in the Bush

Encountering Dump Sites Okay, we all love our time outdoors in Australia, however, nothing gets us more riled up at Eureka 4WD Training than rubbish in the bush.  We regularly encounter dump sites out in the field ranging from asbestos, white goods, household rubble, sheet tin, cigarette butts, cans, stubbies, general rubbish and stolen vehicles […]

Recovery Points – ARB

Off-Road Driving Recover Points Strong, reliable recovery points are essential for off-road driving but the lack of industry standards regarding rated tow points has caused confusion among four-wheel drivers for many years. With this in mind, ARB has sought to set an industry benchmark for how recovery points are designed, tested and selected by 4WDers. […]

Herron Point Campground

Need a Weekend Getaway or a Day Trip Close to Perth? Herron Point, Birchmont WA 6214 is 100 kilometres south of the Perth CBD, on the eastern side of the Peel-Harvey inlet.  It is a nature-based campsite along the shoreline of the Harvey Estuary. Head south down the Forrest Highway and turn right (West) on […]

Working In The 4WD Industry: A New Pathway

Closed-up of grey bull bars of a 4wd.

I really want to work in the 4WD industry but I’m not a mechanic and I don’t want to work in sales. Is there a way that I could still work on vehicles? 4WD Parts & Accessories Works Often people who have a passion for cars or 4WD’s want to work with them but don’t […]

Double Demerit Dates | 2020 Update

Notification banner about the 2020 double double demerits update as the header image of the "double demerit dates" blog.

With the start of the new year comes our 2020 Double demerit list for WA. 2020 Double Demerits Dates for WA* Below are the dates for Double Demerits for 2020: Australia Day Friday 24 January to Monday 27 January inclusive Labour Day Friday 28 February to Monday 2 March inclusive Easter Thursday 9 April to […]

The Correct Use Of UHF Radios

A Black-coloured GME UHF Radio.

UHF (Ultra high frequency) radios are a commonplace accessory that the vast majority of 4WDers use for general convoy driving and scanning on highways. It is important to remember to everyone that UHF transmissions are not private communication and anyone within range will hear your conversation so some simple etiquette is important. UHF Radios Features […]

Perth Caravan & Camping Show

2019 Perth Caravan and Camping Show Just around the corner is the 2019 Perth Caravan and Camping Show and as always the whole team from Eureka 4WD Training will be there doing daily demonstrations on safe recovery techniques including the recovery of camper trailers. We are located at stand 422 and will be giving away […]

Help Is On The Way: Personal Emergency Alert Devices

A driver working on a GPS as an emergency alert device.

We’ve all feared being stuck without help. Whether you’re with or without your vehicle, you’ll always want to know that you’re relying on more than just a mobile phone to alert those who need to know about your location or situation. We’ve taken a look at personal alert devices to help you decide what suits […]

12 Easy 4WD Tracks Close To Perth That Everyone Must Try!

4WD's travelling on a seashore.

Source: https://www.offroadaussie.com/4_wheels/12-easy-4wd-tracks-close-to-perth-that-everyone-must-try/ Discover 4WD Adventure Tracks What’s the point of owning a 4WD if you NEVER go out on adventures and discover the tracks around you. I’ll tell you, there isn’t much point at all. If you’re curious to explore and experience some easy off-road tracks close to Perth, here are some of the favourites […]

Job Hotspots: Where Are The Skills Shortages?

Source: www.australianmining.com.au/news/job-hotspots-where-are-the-skills-shortages/ Mining Skills 2019 Most In-Demand Recruitment agency Hays has revealed the mining skills most in-demand moving into 2019. Recognising the skills shortages that have emerged, Hays has identified numerous hotspots in each state for mine workers looking for opportunities. Mining Industry Western Australia In Western Australia, the high levels of activity have drained […]

Looking For A Great Day Trip That Is Safe For The Whole Family?

White colored 4WD on a sand track.

Wilbinga Conservation Park If you are looking for a great day trip that is safe for the whole family and more than suitable for most 4WD vehicles than look no further than Wilbinga Conservation Park which is situated roughly 70 kilometres north of Perth in the Shire of Gingin. We have been using Wilbinga for […]

Looking For A Fishing Spot To Load Up Your Christmas Lunch Stocking?

Swan river in Perth, Australia as the fishing spots in Perth.

With the demersal ban in effect until 15th December, many boat fisho’s have turned their attention to inshore species like whiting and squid and potting or diving for crayfish.  Since the Crayfish season has been changed to be open all year many people I speak to have been fishing regularly for these tasty critters.  With […]

Ensure You Are Ready For Your Next Adventure With A Eureka 4WD Pre-Start Checklist

Preparation for a 4WD trip is very important to prevent any disappointing mishaps or breakdowns along the way.  Regular vehicle inspections via pre-start checks can assist in preventing serious mechanical issues, either in day to day running or prior to the trip of a lifetime. While not a definitive list, use the below pre-start checklist […]

4WD & Adventure Show/Event Summary

This year’s 4WD & adventure show was held between the 9-11th of November at McCallum Park in Victoria Park. With an amazing venue along the Swan river and gorgeous summer weather, what more could we ask for? Well, this year was the biggest turnout the 4WD & adventure show has ever had! with it set […]

About To Tow A Vehicle?

2 vehicles towing on a snow tracks.

Understand the Acronyms & Terms For Weights on Your Vehicle I.D Plates With the holiday season fast approaching many of us are going to take a vacation and with that the prospect of towing, yet do you know how to identify the correct terms to ensure a safe journey? Thanks to the Motor Trade Association […]

Eureka 4WD Is On Instagram

Detailed banner of Eureka 4WD Training Instagram page.

View Instagram Profile/Page Visit our Instagram page for 4WD tips, advice and content. #eureka4wd or tag us in your 4WD photos when out in the field. We aim to bring you regular and relevant content that will show you what we are up to, give you 4WDing advice and tips and bring some “what not […]

Re-Introducing Eureka 4WD Training!

We would like the opportunity to thank you for your continued support of our company, Eureka 4WD Training. Which has been a dedicated training organisation for the past 26 years. In line with the increasing demand for commercial and mining services, we are experiencing a greater demand for quality 4WD training. To facilitate this growing […]

Flat Tyre – Are You Prepared For The Inconvenience?

4WD stopping near a swamp due to a flat tyre.

Preparation & Extra-Attention for Flat Tyres A flat tyre is something most of us will encounter at some stage of our lives and with driving a 4WD in all types of terrain being a favourite pastime, the chances of a flat become higher. With this increased risk, extra attention needs to be paid before heading […]

Travelling Off-Road In A Convoy, Keep It Fun for Everyone

Sand Track Driving When travelling down single-lane tracks the general adopted rule is the largest convoy has right of way, makes sense that one or two vehicles move off the track to let the larger group through and is obviously better for the environment as less the fauna that can be impacted the better. Always […]

Travelling On The Road In A Convoy, Here Are A Few Safety Tips

As many 4WD adventures happen in groups, learning some strategies to travel in a convoy can alleviate some of our roads darker side. Showing some Courtesy reduces congestion, eliminates conflict and keeps the road a safe place. Here are some helpful tips for your next adventure: Put Your Headlights ON and If You Have a […]

Wheel Hubs – Can You Just Leave Them In Lock? You Might Be Surprised

An official 4WD of Eureka 4WD parked on an off-road terrain.

Free Wheeling Hub Assembly – Lock Position For those that drive 4WD’s with the conventional Free Wheeling Hub assembly, you may have heard that the 4WD cannot be driven back on a sealed road with them in the Lock position? This is a myth and the only harm done is to your wallet or purse […]

ESP – You Have Heard Of It, But Do You Know How To Use It

Electronic Stability Program (ESP) Short for Electronic Stability Program, it is a feature found in most modern 4WD vehicles and contrary to popular belief has been around for a very long time. The diagram in this picture is a very common image for ESP but there are many different 3 letter acronyms for this safety […]

Have 4WD Fun In The Water, Without The Damage

4WD Vehicles Water Crossings We all like to have a play sometimes and water crossings with our 4WD vehicles can present a huge amount of fun for you and your family, yet much respect has to be paid to our 4WD’s when entering the wet stuff. NEVER enter the water at high speed as the […]

97% Of Road Accidents Caused By Driver Error – How To Avoid Being A Statistic

4WD stopping near a swamp due to accident.

After accidents, many drivers blame the roads, weather, sometimes even fate. Yet evidence often paints another picture. You can be the safest driver on the road and still be involved in road accidents from others who are less attentive. So how do you avoid becoming a statistic and keep you and your family safe on […]